A voyage in style: the essence of Lolita Jaca

Embark on a journey with Lolita Jaca, where bold elegance and free-spirited refinement merge seamlessly. Born in the enchanting island of Saint Barth, our fashion house is a tribute to the art of travel and the poetry of living. Our creations are not just clothes; they are dreams woven into reality, inspired by the rich tapestry of fashion history and the ever-changing landscape of style.

Our style odyssey spans the ages, from the Art Deco glamour and the rebellious Swinging London, to the opulence of the Orient Express and the exotic allure of early 1920s cruises. Our designs pay homage to eras of orientalism and exotism, always guided by iconic muses like Coco Chanel, Mary Quant, Jackie Kennedy.

Lolita Jaca stands as a tribute to artists, urbanites, bohemians, and fashion icons – fearless, free-spirited, and sophisticated. Our unique annual collection, handcrafted with an artisan's touch, is dedicated to the inspired and the wanderlust-filled woman. It's more than fashion; it's the true embodiment of a lifestyle, timeless and ever-evolving.

The symphony of craftsmanship

Discover our unique savoir-faire, where inimitable cuts meet captivating patterns. Our collections, enriched by historic handmade techniques from around the world, represent a relentless pursuit of excellence. From the traditional 'block print' to intricate Indian embroideries and Korean serigraphy, each piece is a testament to our dedication to the art of fashion. The brand now bonded for more than 15 years with high-selected artisans, that sustain a trustful relationship, capable of creating real work of art.

The timeless French allure

Lolita Jaca stands for timeless luxury and vibrant femininity. Our style is distinguished by its smooth lines, unique homemade prints, masterful colors and exquisite materials. Our designs encapsulate the essence of French style, offering comfort and sophistication wherever your journey takes you.

The elegance in motion

Each piece is a versatile companion, perfect for every destination, whether you find yourself disembarking a plane or stepping off a yacht; whether getting lost in the Hamptons or Palm Beach, meandering through vibrant SoHo, the elegant streets of Mayfair or the poetic corners of Saint-Germain-des-Prés; whether sipping refreshing lemonade at the Surf Lodge or admiring Brazilian art at Galeria Nara Roesler, our creations are designed to fully embrace and reflect your personality and lifestyle. For a day in mesmerizing cities, a cocktail during the golden hour, a serene beach getaway, or an elegant evening, Lolita Jaca is celebrating every moment in your life.

The iconic Fabiana Kimono

In the heart of Lolita Jaca's fashion narrative lies the Fabiana Kimono, a fusion of traditional Japanese elegance with contemporary flair. This signature piece embodies desire and allure, a pivotal addition to any discerning wardrobe. Rich in history and laden with symbolism, the Fabiana Kimono stands as a testament to enduring style. For over a decade, it has been reimagined and crafted in the finest materials, from exclusive prints to English embroideries, delicate lace, and shimmering sequins – all designed to enhance the beauty of every woman.

A legacy of women’s talent

The heart of Lolita Jaca beats with the rhythm of its founder, Faby Jaca, a dreamer who dared to turn her passion into reality in 2007. Swapping the Parisian cityscape for the charm of St. Barth, Faby, alongside her sister Nanou and a talented team of women, continues to reinvent, surprise, and create.

From her Couture Cabin in Gustavia, overlooking the harbor, Faby crafts pieces that resonate with a discerning clientele seeking exclusivity and her own evolving creative vision. Her designs focus on increasingly noble materials and unique print creations. Today she flourishes, meticulously refining her collections with unique embroidered pieces and limited editions.


The daring-dreamer - L’audacieuse-rêveuse
Gemini - Gémeaux
Fragrance: Shalimar, Guerlain



The soft-lover - La douce amoureuse
Gemini - Gémeaux 
Fragrances: Impérial, Guerlain - Calèche, Hermès