Luxury Fashion Maison, since 2007

The Lolita Jaca brand was born in Saint Barths, an island where French elegance and chic blend with the naturally relaxed way of life in the Caribbean to create an unique atmosphere. Lolita Jaca is a cruise brand with a strong identity, personalized by the creation of “home made” patterns, renewed cuts, the use of noble materials and finishes that place the brand in a timeless movement The brand differentiates itself by samples dedicated to travels, and reflects the magic of dreams, comfort and bold elegance.

Founded on the principles of effortless femininity and endless exploration
Art Déco, Swinging London, Golden Years, Orient Express, early 1920’s cruises, orientalism, exotism… Lolita Jaca is born from countless journey’s and era’s inspirations, always driven by iconic aspirations such as Coco Chanel, Mary Quant, Jackie Kennedy… Artists, city-dwellers, bohemians, fashion icons, fearless, free-spirited, sophisticated. The unique handmade annual collection is dedicated to inspired and travelers women. The true incarnation of a lifestyle, timeless.

Unique savoir-faire

Inimitable cuts, stunning designs, captivating patterns and prints. From ancestral « block print » to Indian embroideries and Korean serigraphy, the collection is simply enriched by endless exploration and historic handmade techniques. A precise attention is given to the artisanal handmade fabrication and to the researches of excellence. The brand now bonded for more than 15 years with high-selected artisans, that sustain a trustful relationship, capable of creating real work of art.

A timeless French style

Chic, timeless, luxurious, Lolita Jaca’s style is recognizable thanks to its smooth lines, colored home made prints, high range and voluptuous materials that add refinery and comfort. A piece for all itineraries. The incarnation of the French style and subtlety wherever your plane may land or your boat berth. The brand differentiates itself by samples dedicated to travels, and reflects the magic of dreams, comfort and bold elegance. A tribute to the « Art of Voyage ». Get lost in the Hamptons or Palm Beach, stroll around vibrant SoHo, elegant Mayfair or poetic Saint-Germain-des-Prés, drink your refreshing lemonade at the Surf Lodge, admire Brazilian art at Galeria Nara Roesler… For a day in the most enchanting cities, a cocktail at Golden Hour, a sweet beach escape or a smoother evening, Lolita Jaca looks entirely embrace your personality and way of life. 

Fabiana Kimono, the Signature Piece

The essence of the Fashion Maison. Desirable, seductive… When traditional Japanese Fashion meets with contemporary style. A captivating and twisted piece your wardrobe needs, full of history and symbolisms. A must-have, re-actualized continuously for 10 years and declined in the noblest materials, the prints, English embroideries, lace or sequins that aim at beautifying women.

Meet the crew


Lolita Jaca’s journey started in 2007 by stylist and designer Faby Jaca, the daring-dreamer. Fascinated by fashion, originally city-dweller and formerly press agent in Paris, she felt in love with St Barth uniqueness and naturally decided to switch her Parisian life for an Islander one. Since then, from her Couture Cabin in Gustavia, above the Harbor, she continues to invent, surprise, create… surrounded by her younger sister Nanou and talented women’s crew. Under the influence of a high-end clientele asking for exclusive creations, and her own aspirations, her work evolved towards materials and print creations even more noble. Nowadays and facing an imposing success, she blossomed throughout her work in refining her collections of unique embroidered pieces and limited editions.


Faby, The Captain

The daring-dreamer - L’audacieuse-rêveuse
Gemini - Gémeaux
Fragrance: Shalimar, Guerlain

Nanou, The Co-Captain

The soft-lover - La douce amoureuse
Gemini - Gémeaux 
Fragrances: Impérial, Guerlain - Calèche, Hermès