Lolita Jaca’s journey started in 2007 by stylist and designer Faby Jaca, the daring-dreamer. Fascinated by fashion, originally city-dweller and formerly press agent in Paris, she felt in love with St Barth uniqueness and naturally decided to switch her Parisian life for an Islander one. Since then, from her Couture Cabin in Gustavia, above the Harbor, she continues to invent, surprise, create… surrounded by her younger sister Nanou and talented women’s crew. Under the influence of a high-end clientele asking for exclusive creations, and her own aspirations, her work evolved towards materials and print creations even more noble. Nowadays and facing an imposing success, she blossomed throughout her work in refining her collections of unique embroidered pieces and limited editions.


Faby, The Captain

The daring-dreamer - L’audacieuse-rêveuse
Gemini - Gémeaux
Fragrance: Shalimar, Guerlain

Nanou, The Co-Captain

The soft-lover - La douce amoureuse
Gemini - Gémeaux 
Fragrances: Impérial, Guerlain - Calèche, Hermès


Lili, The Cabin Master

Charming-idealist - La charmante idéaliste
Pisces - Poissons
Fragrance: Twilly, Hermès